Ayurvedic Herbs for Rich Black Hair

Veda Natural Hair Colours

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Veda Natural Hair Colours
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natural herbal & ayurvedic

Natural Black

Reduces Frizzes

Prevents Greying

Gives Shine and Softness

Celebrating Natural Hair

Natural Shiny Hair
Complete Nourishment
Prevents Greying
Healthier Scalp

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Veda Natural Hair Colors are formulated for effective grey coverage, providing a natural solution for concealing grey hair.

For best results, heena and indigo should be applied in separate steps to get the perfect grey coverage! Natural dyes take time to absorb to deliver the results you want!

If the desired colour is not achieved in the first application, you can reapply the natural hair dye in a higher proportion of Indigo. Make sure you don’t shampoo your hair in between.

Along with Heena and Indigo pack, the Hair Mask Powder contains a unique blend of 10 Real Ayurvedic herbs carefully selected to promote hair health and enhance colour vibrancy.

Yes, Veda Natural Hair Colors are suitable and equally effective for both men and women, providing natural and vibrant hair colour.

Your shiny gorgeous black hair colour will last for at least 30 washes, providing long-lasting and vibrant results, even for grey hair. The duration may vary based on individual hair care routines and maintenance.

Happy Customers

This is real Heena powder, as the colour is fresh green and it smells like it's freshly powdered amazed with it.


What a combo product - it works for colouring and smoothness for the hair, don't think go for it.


The colour is superb. No issues. Hairs are having a good shine, grey coverage is very good. The looks are as good as natural!

Shadik Azeez

Very happy with the first use. Tried other brands but no results. I used this powder with 2 steps application first day henna and second-day indigo.


The best way to test if Heena is real or not is to simply apply oil and then do the Heena, if the colour comes then it's natural. I tried this trick and Veda passed the test!!


Natural Heena colours which come in paste have preservatives.. This hair colour from Veda is just perfect.